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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The WarZ beta access and concerns.

The Warz, supposedly the first MMO of the Zombie survival genre is getting a lot of hype all around the web currently. I thought I'd chime in here and Let everyone know that beta sign ups to check the game out are still currently being listed.


While it could be the greatest thing since sliced bread for the survival nuts like myself. I do have some concerns for the game at this time.

1. The game is being spouted as an MMO with missions/quests/objectives whatever you want to call them. This makes me wonder how much the seriousness of the survival aspect is going to be and if the game isn't just trying to be Yet another MMORPG with Zombies tac'd onto it.  We honestly have done the MMORPG thing to death this decade and it's kinda getting dug into a deeper and deeper grave as more companies try to cash in on the cash cow of MMOS and spit out poor excuses for a game just to make money.

2. The game has a gold coin currency system.  Thats right a game set to be about a zombie apocalypse in the current world's future is going to have vendors and gold currency that players may use to buy and sell goods with vendors and players.  This type of genre and timeline with a gold coin currency system worries me because it makes me just question "why?"  If I was in a current zombie apocalypse  and I found an extra gun I didn't need, wouldn't I want to trade that gun for food or ammo for my other gun or maybe batteries for my flashlight or something?  Why gold of all things? Aren't gold coins more for the Dungeons and Dragons style games with wizards and such?  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a zombie apocalypse having a form of currency at all.  Trading should be what it's about.

3.  It will have a micro-transaction shop.    Yea I know right? a game focused on surviving and looting items to survive is gonna let you pull out that wallet and make things Materialize into the game world.  While I know they need to pay for the game and updates and servers ect somehow I feel there is much better ways of going about it then this way. Which IMHO completely breaks immersion of the world and leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.   Starving to death?  No worries just insert your credit card and pay 2.99 for that virtual can of beans that will materialize on your character and save their life.    They have already stated that they will be selling things like improved health packs and the like. This is a really bad idea for this kind of game and with a game as WarZ that has such huge potential for the fans they are trying to grab they should understand they are not going to like this model.  Materializing items into a world that is no doubt survival and loot based is a really bad idea.

This game has potential to be great but these key issues to hold it back, but we shall see as beta comes out and more info comes trickling down the lane for us to see and play.


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  2. I had to remove your comment for cursing not because you voiced your opinion, sorry I'm trying to keep the site clean. What you stated was basically "Quit complaining, Why wouldn't we use gold as a currency?"

    That's awesome that's your opinion,but I still don't understand why we would be using gold during such a state of the world? throwing gold at zombies isn't going to be doing much, can I eat gold? can I drink gold if I'm dying of thirst? I just can't imagine currency having a point in a zombie apocalypse. Trading is the way to do things to ensure survival of humans, not a stupid currency theme.