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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gamescon should open up some info for us

Just letting everyone know I'll be covering gamescon survival game info once it becomes available and published. I know Dayz is going to be there and have a booth setup with their most current patched version of the arma2 mod.  Watching rocket talk to the crowd is always amusing.  As I find more information I'll be sure to post it.

<edit> it seems news is already starting to come down the line.  Joystiq has already posted some information for us.


If you have been following Dayz much you already knew about the plans to add underground bases, but it does give us a few more details and lets us know another piece of info about Dayz the Stand-alone game.

Dayz the game is going to be a revamped Chernarus! So it is going to be taking place in the same world that Dayz the mod takes place in, but it's going to have new areas added onto it and it is also going to make more of the buildings enter able.  I actually really enjoy the Chernarus map so I think this will work just fine.  It's just going to be fleshed out more and more areas added onto it.  That piece of info was new to myself.


They also seem to be talking about bringing the game to consoles, but I honestly don't see how that will work without a control revamp because as it is currently Dayz has way to many buttons for a controller.  Honestly doesn't pertain to me or WatchSurvival cause I'm about PC gaming but I figured some out there may wanted to know it is being considered.

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