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Friday, May 31, 2013

State of Decay release date confirmed by IGN June 5th

Hello survival fans. Been a little while since my last update.  Sorry about that.  I wanted to make a quick post here and let everyone know IGN has released a new State of Decay Video confirming that the release date for State of Decay is June 5th! I can't wait to play it.  Check out the video below.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Project Zomboid Mondoid: The Joys of 008 5/20/2013

The latest Project Zomboid Monday update is here. This one includes a look at memory performance increases to ensure more proper compatibility Also get to see information about a certain feature coming soon that is really cool.  Check it out below.


---cut and paste---

Hey survivors!
We’re just putting the 008 build through some vigorous last minute testing, and expect it to be at some point today. It’s a biggie, for more reasons than you’ll realise. We’re hoping, a few minor bug fix updates aside, this will be the one that ultimately ends up going onto Desura proper. A few points about what to expect from it.

Memory Usage
We’ve made some massive, massive improvements to this. On 32bit systems with on-board graphics cards, where before we were seeing memory bloat to 2 gig and crash the game, you can now expect to use a maximum of about 800 meg. This will make it a close call for 1 gig systems (though we’ve had success at the game running then even so) but we still have ideas to bring this down further, and will be able to update the version quite quickly with more compacted character sprites and further memory optimizations. Computers with graphic cards with dedicated memory can expect to see the game running in 4-600 meg maximum, depending on what’s going on.
We think we can get the game to run in about 600 meg even in the worse case scenario machines, possibly further, which will hopefully leave no one out in the cold with 008.

Other annoyances
Things like the alarms resetting on load have been sorted out at last. No more loading your game and drawing the attention of every zombie in Muldraugh to your safehouse. There are numerous other vital fixes that we hope will please people. You can read about those here.

But that’s not all. We’ve had something in the pipe for a long long long long long time which we were dying to get into the first test build, but sadly slipped for more pressing matters. It’s been rather agonizing not to be able to share, but it’s finally going in. So here’s a ‘Lemmy and Binky explain badly’ video about it, which features a special guest star!
It occurs to us post-recording that weapons have been significantly rebalanced with the help of the test group since 007 to make horde killing more difficult, and axes in particular have taken a nerf, so it makes us feel a little better about our AWFULNESS at playing.


Q: Wait, so I can play online?
No. This is only split-screen, local support at the moment.
Q: Is this an XBox version?
No. It’s PC/Mac/Linux. We’re just using the XBox button prompts.
Q: So why were you working on this when you could have been…
As we stated in the video, this has been an ongoing thing for many months, and all in all has had much less time spent on it than anyone could possibly imagine. The main body of work was getting rid of all the single player specific code, and that all happened as streaming was being implemented. This is the first stepping stone to online, but we’re still a way off.
We’ve literally spent about 4-5 hours on this in the past 2 weeks, and that time was spent largely sorting out button prompts, scaling the UI, and allowing multiple online inventories to be possible. We’ve been sitting on this for a long time and there have been frequent inter-team pleadings to show it off over the past month or two. If it annoys you that we’ve spent any time on this during the past few weeks, even 4-5 hours, please consider that we are massive geeks and stuff like this is what we do for fun to relax after a hard day of work.
Also, after 008 the evidence this existed would have been abundantly obvious from the Lua files, and last thing we’d want is for people to discover it was in progress before we could announce it and make a big deal about it. Especially since people would likely assume the Lua clues pointed to online play, and then be disappointed when we did reveal.
Also consider that multiplayer, in some form, is far and away the #1 requested feature, so if you aren’t interested yourself, it is important for a lot of your fellow Zomboiders.
Q: I don’t care about local multiplayer – why didn’t you make it online?
Online is a million times more complicated, dealing with lag and server/client architecture and all the rest of it. This was relatively straightforward to add, and was the quickest way we could provide multiplayer functionality and start getting the game ready for online. Besides, there aren’t enough ‘sat in front of TV’ split-screen games out there, and we’re proud to have it in the game.
Q: Xbox pads? Really?
The game will support any joypad (with dual stick controls) but may require some tinkering in the initial version until we figure out how to support all pads out of the box. It was our (perhaps ill-informed) understanding from our own experiences with joypads that many PC games tend to use Xbox button graphics as a standard, but we’ll look to providing alternates for Logitech / PS3 pads etc. XBox pads are awesome though.
We haven’t forgotten, and they are on their way. Our goal is to get Kate and Baldspot back for Rezzed, and the Sandbox NPCs shouldn’t be too far behind them.
And in case you missed it, we blogged earlier today about appearing at Rezzed in Birmingham this year. So make sure to read that if you’re interested in stopping by.
That’s all for this week, and we’ll do our utmost to get you your 008 goodness today. If not today then very very soon afterward.

--end cut and paste--

Don't Starve Underground Trailer Update!

Don't Starve has release their trailer for the newest update soon to be released Labeled Underground. Check it out below.  Make sure to Note that caves are still being developed and worked on and the trailer can be seen as early footage and is still in development. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates Everywhere! Roam update, Forsaken Fortress Update, Zafehouse Diaries Update 1.1.9, The Dead Linger Hotfix 009a

Woke up this morning to a day of updating apparently as updates are released for a few games.  Check them all out below, placing them all in one post instead of trying to separate them all.  If you have been following Watchsurvival on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival This information has already been shared with you. 

Roam Update  (Networking, Player controls, Character Customization)

Forsaken Fortress Update (Mocap, Animations, localization)
Zafehouse Diaries Update 1.1.9 (interface improvements, performance improvements, map markers/notes)

The Dead Linger Hotfix 009a  (Lots of bug fixes)

There we go!  That should catch everyone up to speed!  Keep surviving everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Dead Linger Build 009 is out and looking good.

The Dead Linger has released their newest update and it looks awesome.  They have added tons of stuff like simple construction and barricading and new sounds and new buildings and gravity and they have added random house colors to help the randomness of towns. This game keeps getting better as they continue working on it through the alpha stage of development.  Check it out below.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Project Zomboid Mondoid Monday status update. 5/13/2013

Project Zomboid new Monday status update is up.   We get info about recent bugs being fixed and about the map's processing which will allow for fast speeds when vehicles are included. Check it out below.


--copy and paste--

13th May – 2013
Hey everyone, sorry for the late and also rather barebones Mondoid this week, but it’s been a busy day at Indie Stone towers and given everyone’s eagerness for this build to get fixed up, we’re sure everyone would prefer we were hard at work than agonizing over the contents of this weeks Mondoid!
We’re still hard at work trying to figure out some strange memory issues on some 32bit systems causing the memory usage of OpenGL to 2gig and crashing the game, which is at this stage largely the cause of all remaining incompatibility issues.
Since build 7 is largely considered, relatively speaking, the most stable and fun build we’ve had in a long time (despite some issues with containers which does cause a lot of people problems) we would rather not put out updates immediately that risk upsetting this until we’ve solved this last remaining issue.
On the plus side, it’s lead to some significant memory optimizations to try and minimize the issue, but at the same time the memory bloat is happening on a subset of systems deep in the openGL dll outside the debugging eyes of the dev team, so it’s been a tricky one.
We’ve not been idle in other areas. A ton of bugs have been fixed, and if sorting this last problem out does end up dragging on much longer, we will put out another release with bug fixes from our frozen code after we’re satisfied it’s stable. We’d rather have this issue sorted first though, but just so you know if it drags on we won’t let it lose us momentum.
So we’re not leaving you totally without anything beyond ‘just trying to get it done’, here is a stress test of the streaming system (an old version of the map) to determine how fast vehicles could feasibly go.


Which hopefully shows how prepared we are to add vehicles into the game when the time comes. Not until after RC3 though, but this gets us excited!
There are some other things we’re dying to share, but want to hold off a little more before we do that until they are ready. Let’s just say that there is a lot to be excited about in the next month or two for us and Zomboid fans alike.
So stay tuned!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Project Zomboid Test build 7 screenshots

Posted a quick 12 screenshots album for Project Zomboids latest public build.  Check it out at the link below. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watchsurvival now on Facebook!

Watchsurvival now has a facebook page!  I just created it today so be sure to stop by and follow and show your support for the survival genre of gaming!  I'll keep the facebook updated with any updates that watchsurvival gets and I'll be sharing information from all sorts of survival games.  Check it out below. 


Watchsurvival Games list updated! Towns / Gnomoria / Stonehearth / The Forest

Hello and well met survival fans.  Just a quick update to let everyone know I've updated the survival games page with a few games.


Towns is a really cool roguelike style survival game I actually already owned for quite some time. I have no idea why it slipped my mind to include it on the list. lol 

Towns (Roguelike)
Homepage: http://www.townsgame.com/
Forums:  http://www.townsgame.com/forums/


Stonehearth looks really awesome and appears to be a 3d type roguelike survival game. Their kickstarter was successfully funded by quite a lot. I've found a couple of videos below.  This game has me really interested.

 Kickstarter page also has another video.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth?ref=card

Homepage: http://stonehearth.net/
Forums: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/

Gnomoria is a roguelike survival game that is pretty cool and is heavily influenced by Dwarf Fortress.

Homepage: http://gnomoria.com/
Forums:  http://forums.gnomoria.com/


The Forest

This game looks really cool from the trailer. I thought everyone would want to check it out. Looks to be a great mix of survival/horror.

The Forest is currently located on a Strem Greenlight page.


That's all for now.   I am going to be updating the survival games page soon with flags beside the game names so everyone will be able to see what stage of production the games are in so it is easy to determine if the game is already in a playable state or not.  I've been planning on this feature for a while now and will get to it soon.    Keep surviving out there! 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don't Starve Live Stream Event. Includes caves update.

Don't Starve announced they are going to be doing a live stream soon with the developers and it is going to include a sneak peak at the news caves feature coming into Don't Starve.  Check it out below.


--copy and paste--
 Live Stream Event - Caves!

Posted May 01, 2013 by Corey

Caves are coming to Don't Starve! If you want an early peek into their dark and dingy depths, We'll be doing a live stream and developer chat on May 10th at 10:00am PST hosted by RiptidePow's Twitch.tv channel.

Event Details

Who: Klei & RiptidePow
What: Early look at the upcoming Caves expansion.
When: May 10th 10:00am PST.
Where: RiptidePow's Twitch.tv Channel
Why: For science!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Exclusive sneak peak of State of Decay. (livestream recording from twitch)

Hello everyone,  Just wanted to make a quick post about State of Decay.  They recently did a livestream on twitchtv in which they was playing the game for about an hour and talking to the fans.  If you missed the livestream you can still check out the video on twitch.  It's got some pretty good stuff included.  I can't wait to play this game!