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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watchsurvival Games list updated! Towns / Gnomoria / Stonehearth / The Forest

Hello and well met survival fans.  Just a quick update to let everyone know I've updated the survival games page with a few games.


Towns is a really cool roguelike style survival game I actually already owned for quite some time. I have no idea why it slipped my mind to include it on the list. lol 

Towns (Roguelike)
Homepage: http://www.townsgame.com/
Forums:  http://www.townsgame.com/forums/


Stonehearth looks really awesome and appears to be a 3d type roguelike survival game. Their kickstarter was successfully funded by quite a lot. I've found a couple of videos below.  This game has me really interested.

 Kickstarter page also has another video.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth?ref=card

Homepage: http://stonehearth.net/
Forums: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/

Gnomoria is a roguelike survival game that is pretty cool and is heavily influenced by Dwarf Fortress.

Homepage: http://gnomoria.com/
Forums:  http://forums.gnomoria.com/


The Forest

This game looks really cool from the trailer. I thought everyone would want to check it out. Looks to be a great mix of survival/horror.

The Forest is currently located on a Strem Greenlight page.


That's all for now.   I am going to be updating the survival games page soon with flags beside the game names so everyone will be able to see what stage of production the games are in so it is easy to determine if the game is already in a playable state or not.  I've been planning on this feature for a while now and will get to it soon.    Keep surviving out there! 


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