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Monday, September 23, 2013

Long Winded Watchsurvival updates! New Games! News and My thanks!

Good day survivors!  I had some time off tonight so I thought I would go through some updates with all these recent comments.   The website is really picking up and I think that is great.  It is very awesome to see so many contributing to Watchsurvival.

The Watchsurvival facebook page is starting to pick up as well and is getting followers and likes. https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival   That doesn't seem like much to a lot of you I am sure, but to me I think that is really great.

 I also want to note I do not "advertise" Watchsurvival,  I do not buy "likes"  Every like on facebook and every comment on this website are all from the real deal survival gamers.  You found this website on Google or from my posting on survival game forums or from friends.   I think it is silly to try to force people into likes or gaining followers.  I will not "buy" likes.  I don't want random people who have no clue "Liking"  Watchsurvival on facebook or joining in on Watchsurvival.  I want the real gamers and real survival game fans to enjoy this.  This community is growing and it's all because of you real survival gamers supporting the cause.  For that I give you all a very big Thank You. 

Which also brings me to another problem and that is spammers.  If you visit the site often you will probably see these comments from time to time.  I'm on edge about it because on one hand I get so many awesome comments from a lot of you under anonymous and get good new game info from all of you Anon's as well.   This is the part I enjoy.  People can post quickly and not take up much of their time worrying about memberships and logging in ect.   The problem with this is that it makes it very easy for Spammers and spam bots to also post on this website.  For the time being I am keeping anon on because of all you awesome anon's that post. I am posting a warning here though. If the spamming gets too out of hand or too out of control I will be forced to take action and disable anonymous posting.  I just wanted to give all you friendly anon's a heads up.  Keeping anon posting for now but may have to disable in the future.

Which brings me to another point.  It's obvious a lot of you enjoy your time here and a lot of you enjoy good survival game discussion with other fellow survival game fans.   Because of this I am considering opening up a Message Board/ Forum for Watchsurvival!  This will probably be happening sometime soon in the future.  

Anyways on to the reason your here! The games!  New games added to the survival game list are:

Sir, You are being hunted
Wrecked (mini game)
Xsyon  (MMO)
No Return
Nether (MMO)
The Stomping Land

All Comments I have addressed are below for your viewing pleasure.

"Darkwoods has a forum btw http://forums.acidwizardstudio.com/"

Nice Catch! I've updated the survival games page with their forum link.

"A survival game called 'Sir, You are being hunted' has recently came onto public alpha on Steam and other stores. "

Added this game and their forums to the Survival games list.  Thanks for finding it.  

"Here's one to add to the list, it's called "Wrecked"

Done. I've added it to the outdated section as I'm honestly not sure what category to post this one under, perhaps I will make a "Mini Survival" games section in the future. 

"survivor fps
drath's list Wilderness Survival Games"

Survivor fps is already added to the list thanks. Good Eye on Xsyon I've added it to the list under the MMO section.    As for the Wilderness Survival games list, I have noticed a lot of those are already on Watchsurvival. I will review the others soon that are not on Watchsurvival and add them accordingly.  

 'NO RETURN' -- 3D Open World Wilderness Survival & Hunting Game"

Added to the list. Thanks for the find.  I've included the indiedb page as their forum page.


Done. Added to the List under MMO Will update forums once they add it in.

"This game looks promsing and you might wanna add it to your list :) (Cool site btw, just needs better categories I think! eg. Zombies! haha)  Zombox
Cool as :)"

Nice find! I've added Zombox to the survival games list.

 "Hey just found your website and i was looking through the list and i didnt see a survival game i have been following, the name is "The Forsest". And Now that i think of it, Not sure if you have it or not, but Also "The Stomping Land".

The Forest is already listed on watchsurvival thank you!  As for The Stomping Land I've add it to the list under the MMO section!  Thanks for that, good find!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

State of Decay Steam PC version is out! Early Access!

Hello survival fans! Just writing a note to let everyone know the PC steam release of State of Decay is out!  Please remember this is the early access version which means there is still updating to do and bugs to fix ect. As of this post the game seems to only work with an xbox controller as PC controls are probably being worked on.  Finally get to play this wonderful game.  I've been waiting for the PC release for a while now.   Read all the information below at the link.


The Steam Early Access Page below


Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Days to Die 1.1 Update

Well met! 7 Days to Die has released a new small update for us.  This one includes a lot of bug fixes and few recipes and mac support! Also includes more server options for multiplayer.  Read all of the patch notes below. 


Alpha 1.1 Official Release Notes
  • Mac version support
  • New recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood
  • Fixed console pop up on errors bug
  • Improved Memory management
  • Duplicate item exploit fixed
  • Fixed damage delay on spike traps for the player
  • Fixed bug that when placing chest it was filled with loot
  • Fixed bug that zombies dance on stairs
  • Fixed bug that fat zombie broke the stairs
  • Server checks client on connection if this client is activated
  • Max player limit is now 6 in GUI mode
  • Password is encrypted now in registry and on web access
  • Fixed bug when close shots went through zombies
  • Fixed bug that doors had wrong orientation on placing them
  • Fixed problem that if during reloading clip was removed gun was full though by removing clip on start of reload
  • Fixed exploit that two people could pick up an item at the same time
  • Important – New dedicated server command line syntax change you use -OPTION=VALUE, like -port=8 (old was -port 8)
New Dedicated Server command line options
  • gamemode=0|1 (0 = coop, 1= pvp). In pvp you dont see the other player on the map
  • maxplayers=X (any number <= 64 is valid). In GUI mode max players is always 8
  • difficulty=X (X between 1 and 10, limits the wave spawning to day X)
  • world=X (name of the world to load, currently only Navezgane)
  • name=X (name of the game)
  • dedicated (must be last option to start the dedi server)
  • ip=X (ip the dedicated shall listen on, this is only for the extra socket connections. Unity listening cannot be limited)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dayz Stand alone Developer's Blog Update from Rocket September 2013

Hello and well met! I thought I would make a quick post to show off some new Dayz Standalone information.  Rocket has released a developer blog recently that explains what is going on and what they are up to and some of the new features.  Check it out below.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Zomboid Updates

Hello! I've not talked about Project Zomboid in a while so I thought I would take some time and post about the newest updates going on.   The developers have been hard at work smoothing out the game and making things more fluid and easy to use while adding in new content.  The most recent update was about now getting the game on your steam account through desura! Official Steam release is not ready yet but will probably be ready to go very soon.   However for current Zomboid players you can now use desura to transfer to a steam key for the game.  There is also a short video on the new zoom features going into the game.  The update is below.


Also in case some of you missed it.  I'm placing last weeks update on here cause it is pretty cool and includes some good news like more map updates coming soon.


Keep surviving out there!