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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kickstarter for Still Alive up and kicking!

Hello and well met everyone! I wanted to make a quick post here to let everyone know about a new upcoming survival game that's recently made it's way to Kickstarter.  The developers contacted me and asked if I would let everyone know about there game and after seeing the trailer and looking at the Kickstarter campaign, how could I not?

The game is called Still Alive and it's a qoute "2D Multiplayer Platformer PVP Survival Game for PC, Mac & Linux."   The art direction looks really cool and different from what is out there and it sure does have a lot of really cool survival elements.  The page can be found at the link below and they have also listed Stretch Goals and rewards and many more other things.  Check it out it may be something all of you fellow survival fans are interested in.  I will perhaps post more updates later about this one as development continues.


Keep surviving out there!