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Hello Bloggers and Readers and Survivalists and Gamers! I see you have found your way to Watch Survival. This web space is all about my favorite genre of video games. What you will get on Watch Survival is News and Updates on Current and Up-coming Survival Games.

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That's right! I went there!  As you all have probably noticed. I've added a donation button to watchsurvival.  It really is for a good cause though.  Just in case people felt the need to help support watchsurvival.  All money donated will be going towards this website in making it better and giving me more incentive to keep spending a lot of my time keeping it going.  Donations may also go for the purchasing of survival games that are listed on my website so I can provide more solid feedback to survival fans. Gaming computer hardware is not cheap, buying official games because I refuse to pirate is not cheap, Fraps and video creation is not cheap.  Ignore it if you want to.  Donate if you want to.  Either way, we all win here!

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