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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Possible New Minecraft Features

Hey guys, Just doing a little late night posting and showing off a couple screenshots I seen from new features they are working on in minecraft. The first shot seems pretty great for people like myself that have to have absolutely everything organized into specific containers.  Seems like a preview of labels for our chests which I think is great. Must....organize....everything.....

The second screen shows what appears to be an invisibility potion or something to that effect.  These will be a blast for multi-player I'm sure but I could see them causing issues as well.  For example stalking players and finding their hidden stashes! or Simply grief killing. Not sure how they will work until more detail is released.
I also may as well post in here and let everyone know I plan on starting a Let's Play of minecraft hardcore survival here soon.  I really wanna cover a Project Zomboid Let's play but I'm gonna wait till a few more new features are added and a few key bugs are fixed to make the Let's Play more entertaining.  So I figured the next best thing for now would be having some fun in minecraft, so look forward to those soon.  I'm also moving in real life but I don't see that being to much trouble and taking up to much time so hopefully won't hurt WatchSurvival in the slightest.

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