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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dayz Hotfix Build Rolling out.

Well the forums seems to be giving out some good news for this latest hotfix build for dayz.


seems to be making the game much smoother. People on the forums are also reporting that zombies seem to have better pathing as well because they have become slightly slower which helps dampen the zig-zaging effects zombies have not sure if that's true or intentional or not but it sounds like great news to me.   I can't help but be excited for Dayz stand-alone as the bug fixes for Dayz the mod is starting to show how fun the game can be when it's smoother and less full of dupes.  I'll be playing this one myself once I get off work today to check things out. I'll get back on and update the blog letting everyone know from my own experiences how the patch actually is once I get the chance to play it.

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