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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dead Linger Pre Screenshots and thoughts on random world

I'm really digging The Dead Linger so far.  More so then most of the other survival games at this time for a few reasons. One of those main reasons is its huge amounts of randomization. Some people may complain about the graphic style but its still in very early stages at the moment and the coolest feature about The Dead Linger is the massive amount of randomization that the world generates with assuring that no two worlds are ever the same. (think minecraft seed generation) Literally everything in The Dead Linger will be randomized. From the forests to the House layouts to the insides of the house to even the furniture that is placed inside the houses.  This is really awesome because it ensures new game-play every time you start up a world to survive in so you don't get stuck inside the same cities over and over again knowing where all the good loot already is.  Each survival run will feel fresh and new as you go around searching for supplies and trying to survive.  I think this is a really exciting feature for a zombie survival game to have. You won't get bored searching the same places over and over because they will never be the same.

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