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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project Zomboid Current Status

This was Posted on Project Zomboids message board and things are starting to look up for the indie game. they are really chugging things along nicely trying to get ready for the release of PZ on Steam.

----------copy and paste------------------
Bit more of an in-depth 'where we're at' post:

  • Since we're most of the way there, we're going straight for RC 3 and skipping RC 2.6, but will make sure all the fixes in 2.6 are in 3.
  • Fire is in and working as it was before it was removed. Still needs save testing.
  • Rain not in yet but will likely be a quick job when the time comes.
  • Music in and working perfectly.
  • Lua integration fixed completely. Overloaded methods now work properly.
  • Female characters more or less in, we just need to do a massive export of all the characters, pieces, anims before we can get them in properly. (exporting = few hours tying up the PC unfortunately. Need to come up with a system that allows the PC to be worked on while it's happening since at the moment every 10 seconds a new window pops to front of screen making simultaneous working hernia inducing)
  • Tutorial playable up to Raider. Only issue is the scripted 'fire' command is not working so the K&B showdown scene is a bit weird as he doesn't shoot his shotgun. Other additions needed is making NPC / zombies not spawn during tutorial again to avoid any unintended interference.
  • Some UI fixes, like sorting out the choose story page, still needs doing.
  • Still need to add character to character creation screen, and add a female option to it.
  • New tutorial system in but need the steps of the tutorial adding:

    We may leave this till after RC 3 it depends I guess.
  • After this we're going to spend some time scouting the forums and watching youtube videos and cleaning up a few of the bigger issues we notice. to make sure RC3 has no glaring bugs that have made 2.5 an issue.

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