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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Zomboid Heading to Steam?


Project Zomboid, A zombie Survival game that I really love and have been playing in it's alpha state for quite some time now. Has Big plans for heading to steam.  Details can be found at the link above from their official site.  This is nothing but great news for Project Zomboid as  Steam is widely known for its popularity in helping Indie developers get their work seen and help them get their game out on the market to help them expand.  More Popularity = More Buys = Bigger Budget = More money spent on the development of the game.  I can see steams new Greenlight feature to be a really good thing to help indie gamers and indie developers alike to help get their game off the ground and get it out there and heard.  Those who already own the game through Desura or Google Checkout will also receive a CD-key in the future so that they may add their version to their Steam Library List.  Which is a really great thing and good on Indiestone to include for its fellow players.  For further Discussion of Project Zomboid's upcoming steam features you can visit their official post on the forums here. Also feel free to discuss it here on Watch Survival.


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