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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dayz Officially Goes Stand-Alone

Hello and Good day!

For my first post I'd like to let everyone know that Dayz, the popular zombie survival mod by Dean "Rocket" Hall for Arma 2 has officially been announced as an upcoming stand-alone game. You can view the Official Site here.


This is great news for fans of Dayz and survivalists fans. I really enjoy Rocket's personality and believe he's going to do nothing but good things for this genre. I feel I must give him credit for the very reason of making the genre popular and making top developers and publishers realize that there is a market to be had for survival gaming.  I personally believe Dayz as a stand-alone game will be much better then being a simple mod for obvious reasons as a mod has severe limitations on Dayz's development.

 My main concern for Dayz's future is that of duplicating and hacking.  If any of you fellow readers have been following Dayz's progress you can easily see why this is a concern. As the popularity of the game reaches  1 Million users. That's right 1 million

http://dayzmod.com/  (new player counter on website)

Hackers and Duplicating seem to be getting worse and worse.  I feel Rocket is not to blame for this because he is doing what he can to stop said problems. The main cause of the problem lies within Arma2's core engine and with issues of the anti-cheat system Battleye by Bohemia Interactive.  (BI) Basically they didn't  intend on their game blowing up to such huge numbers and the popularity while great for the genre is bound to attract a few bad eggs as well as good ones and their secuity against said measures are simply not cut out for this huge a crowd.  Duplicating and hacking in a survival genre game is nothing but bad news and completely ruins the aspect and goal of the genre. The reason this is a concern of mine is because as the official website states rocket has chosen to continue working with BI for his stand-alone version of the game. Don't get me wrong I love how realistic BI's engine can be and think it fits great for a survival game, but their reputation for bugs and online cheats has to be a cause of some concern.   I am really hoping they improve the security and improve their anti-hacking measures in the future of the game's interests. As duplicating and hacking can and has turned great games into bad games for legit gamers like myself that believe in playing the game as it is intended.  I'm going to give BI the benefit of the doubt here because as I said they did not realize nor could they predict how hugely popular the mod would become.  I just hope they think about these problems in the future for Dayz sake. 




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