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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Defensive Grid 2 Raised enough on Kickstarter

Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that Defensive Grid 2 by Hidden Path Entertainment has successfully raised enough funding for the development of Defensive Grid 2 on Kickstarter.


While I am glad that DG2 got the funding it required for the sequel because I really enjoy tower defense games and I think DG is a great one, Did any of this leave a bad taste in anyone Else's mouth? It just didn't seem right to me that a company that made a successfully popular game on steam and sold several thousand copies really needed a kickstarter?  Also the kickstarter itself is trying to entice people to donate up to 1 million for cool features most games should have now-a-days anyways. While I love Hidden Path Entertainment for giving us DG cause it's a wonderful tower defense game. It just all seems ewww and selfish and greedy to me and just feels like bad form on their part.

They tried to counter-attack this argument with something along the lines of "Well we sold DG so cheap on steam and sold the dlc at development cost"   Really? seriously?  Who actually believes this? I want to see the books on this one.  What was sooo expensive about DG was it the fancy voice acting of one actor? or the supreme mega ultra cinemas (there was none). I understand they are a business and need to make money but this just isn't the way to do it.  Anyways, enough of my little rant.  DG is awesome game regardless and I'm hoping DG2 will be awesome as well once it is complete.

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