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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Watchsurvival Update News.

Thought I'd post a quick update to let everyone know I've been working on Watchsurvival some.  I've added a Contact page to make it easy for people to contact me should they wish to do that.  I've also added a subscriber gadget for news readers for people who like that kinda thing.  I also added a Labels section so you can sort through posts you wish to see more easy.

 Last but not least I've removed the middle advertisement under the blog posts for those who view the site without Adblock installed.  I was ok with the middle advert at first because most the time it seemed to be a gaming advert and I was ok with that, but today I was browsing my site and updating with Ads enabled to check them out and I seen a dreaded advertisement with a green "DOWNLOAD" button and I said "OH *^# NO"  I can't stand that stuff when I'm browsing the web and I don't want my fellow gamers and survivalists putting up with it either.  While this may make the website revenue go down I could care less. I do this website for the gamers not the income.   I would love for this website to become my full time job but I'm a realist and know it's simply wishful thinking.  I've kept the side advertisement for now and I want to thank all of you who help support the site, but I want you guys/girls/aliens/zombies to know it's all about the gaming and it always will be. 


PS. Almost forgot!  I'm also going to be updating the Survival Game List Page here soon with (hopefully) a much better layout and better format that is easier on everyone with a little more information.  I'm still thinking about how I want it and still working out the small details though but that will be happening soon for sure.   Stay safe gamers!


  1. hey just wanted to say nice site/blog you have
    but uhm... can you tell us how many visitors you have? i found this place by accident and i dont see too many people around

  2. Hello and thanks for your kind words. I've had this website for about 8 months now it seems. WatchSurvival hasn't been around very long. I need to get the word out more about the site. It's mainly been spreading by word of mouth more than anything from the message boards I frequent from various video games. Also developers for Project Zomboid have mentioned my site for a guide I wrote and that got it some recognition. Reddit has also recently been giving me visitors from a friendly Reddit user posting about it from Project Zomboid's Reddit page. Other random visitors seem to be appearing from Google searching for survival games on PC as my survival games list is now near the very top of Google's search results for survival video games. Hence the reason I made the website. Gamers who like real survival games get tired of people suggesting games like Resident Evil (no offense just an example) as a "survival" game. It is a genre I love that has a gap that needed to be filled. I decided to try and fill that gap. It started out with just a few friendly visitors and over the last few months has blown up by a rather large amount. Sorry to say I don't feel comfortable giving specific stats about my site to an Anonymous. Hope you understand. Let's just say things are starting to look up for the site as far as viewers go.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Desculpe, eu não falo português, o meu site tem um tradutor. Embora eu não tenho certeza de como ele funciona bem.

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