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Friday, March 15, 2013

Dead State Combat Demo

Dead State has new information! Doublebear have been pretty hush hush about their game mostly. I do try to post information when I can about their awesome turn based survival game Dead State.  I do enjoy the game from what I have seen so far. This video was a nice taste of what the Game has in store for fellow survival zombie fans.



  1. Hey!
    Thanks for this blog and the survival game collection with links.
    I found a lot of new games from it that I have purchased and some more that I will buy when they are finished.
    I bookmarked this blog and recommended it to some freinds.

    1. Awesome to hear! Thanks for all the support. Glad to see people are getting good use out of the blog. Survival gaming has gotten pretty huge over the past few years and I didn't see many websites catching up to that yet and I simply felt the need to Fill in that gap to maybe give the genre support it deserves cause it was obvious I was not the only one who enjoyed survival games.