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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't Starve Update A Little Rain Must Fall

Don't Starve has recently released a new major update.  This update comes to us with a ton of content and a few various bug fixes and changes made to the game.  We get rain and weather effects,  a new adventure mode and new monsters and a bunch of new items.  All around a pretty large update that looks really fun. 


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The latest Don't Starve update is now live and it's one of our largest to date. We hit a few snag today while Steam irons out a few issues. Please make sure to read the two important notes below.
Important Note:
Steam seems to be having some technical difficulties in sending the update to some computers. If you encounter problems, you should be able to fix them by uninstalling Don't Starve and then reinstalling it. You may have to validate files after you do this in order to force the update after that.
This should just be a temporary problem. Valve is usually pretty quick to fix these things!
Second Note:
Settings.ini has moved! If you have made changes to your settings.ini to turn off steam cloud, you will need to move them over to the new location in your mydocuments\klei\donotstarve directory.

Release Note

New features
  • Rain comes during the summer to ruin your fires and dampen your spirits. Watch out for lightning strikes!
  • Sandbox custom mode sliders are all unlocked. You can make the game really, really hard now.
  • Pathfinding works over long distances
  • Day length changes throughout seasons
  • Modders can bring up an interactive lua console with the ~ key
Adventure mode
  • Put in very rough sketches of the actual adventure levels. It’s very rough at this point, and the ‘story’ bits are missing, but the basic structure is in place.
  • Added lots of little setpieces using new objects that try to impede your progress.
New monsters
  • The Knight
  • Merms
  • Guardian Pigs
There's also a ton of new items in the world and things to build. Head over to our forum post to see the full release notes.

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