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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Dead Linger pre-release reward ended and new build soon to be released.

Well Ladies and Gents, The Dead Linger seem to be chugging right along still. They recently posted about their pre-order reward the gas mask deal has ended.  They are also giving us information about the new update they are working on which can be found at the link below or read the quick copy and paste here.


-copy and paste of build 004 information---

Build 004 “Breach Point” Release Date

Build 004 will be, hands-down, the largest gameplay content update we have released so far. It contains more changes than any previous patch, and will contain more substantial gameplay changes than any patch before it. With Thanksgiving holidays, we’ve gotten a bit off schedule and still need some time to really polish these new gameplay features. We are delaying the release of Build 004 by exactly one week. Build 004 will release December 11th. Some of the stuff it will contain;
  • Zombies will break down doors now. You are less safe inside houses.
  • Physics have been greatly improved, including but not limited to a re-write of how doors work
  • Some sound falloff and distant sound fixes
  • Lots of gun changes, including proper magazine sizes, ammo box requirements, and aim-down-sights
  • Much better login screen, including the ability to play offline without being forced to sign in
  • Better stability
  • Equipped items will move with the camera when you look around, among other tweaks to the first person experience
  • Borderless Windowed mode and better windowed mode support in general
  • Loads of crash fixes!
  • Better inventory usability, and stats now display in the inventory screen with bars
  • And tons more that we don’t want to spoil yet! This is just a small helping of what we’ve been preparing for 004.
Thank you all for your support, and please remember to let your friends, family, and pets know about our game. Build 004 is going to be huge.

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