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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't Starve Nov 27th Update

Don't Starve has recently released an update on nov 27th.  This game is simply wonderful to play and can become very addicting.  I can't wait to see more updates for this game as they release more mid-game and end-game content to keep longer surviving players occupied.  The Link to the official post can be found below or you can read the copy and paste information.


---copy and paste info----

The good people of Klei Entertainment proudly present a NEW UPDATE to their latest electronic amusement program DON’T STARVE.
Wherein our her,o the good scientist WILSON, may apply his industrious spirit to the creation of several new contrivances:
  • Incapacitating BLOWDARTS,
  • devious BEE MINES,
  • a dapper VEST suitable for all formal or survival occasions,
  • a mysterious and powerful AMULET,
  • a HELMET from that glorious pass-time of foot-to-ball,
  • and a capacious and ergonomic BACKPACK to aid in the conveyance of loot!
But he must BEWARE, for a new and terrifying threat has emerged. HOUNDS and the even angrier and more deadly FLAME HOUNDS have been spotted near his encampment, and their ravenous desire for MEAT and DESTRUCTION will not be denied!
Should you have any queries, comments, or concerns surrounding this announcement, please direct yourself to this post in our Don’t Starve forums to converse with fellow esteemed explorers and champions of science!
If your preferred method of self-enlightenment is through pictorial imagery, please direct your attention to our eye-pleasing graphical posting below! Click it for maximum magnification gratification!

---end copy and paste----

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