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Monday, December 17, 2012

Crawle Indie survival game Update released 0.5.3

Crawle a survival indie game has recently released a new update 0.5.3.   This patch fixes several issues and changes the world so you no longer have to start a new world every time there is a patch update. Also a rendering issue was corrected for Windows XP users, plus a few other things included. The official post from the dev's can be found below or you can read the copy and paste here.


---copy and paste---


0.5.2 --> 0.5.3


- Added a "drop animal" button next to the equipment window.
- Eating food now adds to your blood content and energy.
- You can now change your rendering device in settings.ini (1=hardware, 2=software, 3=mixed).
- Added a launcher for XP users that allows them to use an alternate rendering device.

- Items, worlds and players (in singleplayer) are now stored separately.
- Worlds are now stored as worldx, instead of world_x.
- Animals are now dropped only through clicking the "drop animal" button.
- Animals no longer get dropped after logging out.
- Reduced the amount of blood lost every tick when bleeding.
- Buildings now have collision in the first stage to prevent getting stuck in them.
- Updated the disease graphic.
- Increased the disease times by 30 seconds each and the stat take interval by 4 seconds.
- Renamed 'flint' to 'rock'.

- Fixed a duplication bug with branches and flint.
- Fixed branches disappearing when clicked.
- Fixed not being able to pick up animals on tall grass.
- Fixed not being able to catch diseases from held animals.
- Fixed the server disconnection timer taking too long.
- Fixed disconnected players not being cleared after being disconnected.


You will now find this in your /bin/content/data/settings.ini:
[Image: iS4Un.png]

This will allow you to change the way Crawle renders the game. XP Users can't use "Mixed Rendering" (3) so they should try and use Hardware or Software rendering. Normal users can also change their rendering type if they want to try to see other rendering methods for improved performance.

When holding an animal this icon now appears:
[Image: ORjHP.png]

This icon will simply allow you to drop it. You can also right-click your character to drop it.

In addition to this, we've pretty much fixed all the issues identified by the community, thank you to everyone who has been reporting bugs and remember you can always report new ones here: http://sleepystudios.com/bugs

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