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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Don't Starve Naughty and Nice Update Preview

Don't starve has released a new fancy video for us to watch about the goings on in the new upcoming update.   Looks like they are adding some really interesting and cool stuff, for example it appears we are going to be able to have pets and we are going to have problems with some kind of npc that's going to be stealing our loot from storage containers.  Looks like some pretty crazy stuff. Follow the Link below to watch the video and see the official post about it. Or Watch the YouTube version below.


Edit:  Apprantly there is also some hidden images and codes hidden inside the video. Fans of the game in the Don't Starve forums are figuring things out.   It appears there is a hidden image of a spider queen. The name of the chest theif among a couple of other neat finds.  You can read about all of them at the forums at the link below.


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