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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Starve Naughty and Nice Update is released!

Don't Starve has released their latest update that I've recently showed everyone the preview for. They look like they have added some really great things to this update and I can't wait to purchase this game so I can give it a good play through as it keeps looking better and better. The link to the official post can be found at the link below or you can read the copy and paste of the notes here on watchsurvival.


---copy and paste----

Klei Entertainment presents, a very special Don’t Starve update. Let’s be honest…It is hard to be good. But you must be good, lest you provoke the KRAMPUS!
If you are good, you can do good things, like build a bird cage for your fine
foodfeathered friends. Or you could
eatfoster a
delicious poor abandoned egg. Whichever path you fancy for yourself, just remember…Krampus is watching.
  • Krampus will punish you if you are too naughty.
  • Don’t make the bees angry.
  • Spider nests are crawling with activity.
  • Bird and rabbit traps are more animal friendly.
  • You can build a bird cage.
  • You can hatch Tallbird eggs to gain a new friend.
  • Steam client runs at 60hz on fast computers.
  • Game saves on exit. It also auto-saves every mornings.
  • Updated minimap art to make biomes more readable.
  • Traps should work properly again.
  • Dead pigs respawn more slowly
  • Tweaked the fire fuel values a bit (they were too high after the hot fixes)
  • Cooked mandrakes actually have effects now.
  • Tallbird eggs are no longer stackable.
----end copy and paste----

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