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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

State of Decay Huge info from PAX

There was a huge amount of State of Decay news from PAX.  This game is looking up to be a really great survival game. The Link to the State of Decay PAX info can be found here


Below I'll list links to the individual information posted in that news update For the lazy to check out easily.

Machinima State of Decay Video Interview

Gamecritics.com State of Decay Preview

Hands-on State of Decay from Offical Xbox Magazine

State of Decay Video from IGN

Playunwired State of Decay Preview

4playerpodcast State of Decay Interview

State of Decay Ghostrobo Video

theverge State of Decay Preview

Destructoid State of Decay Preview

Whew ok,  That covers pretty much most of it I think.  This should keep everyone busy for quite a while. Can't wait for this awesome zombie survival game.

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