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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Zomboid Status Update

Batsphinx just recently posted in the Project Zomboid update status thread and let us know what's going on. Robert Johnson has been smashing tons of bugs while lemmy continues working on the new interface. Below is the post by Batsphinx showing everything they have fixed so far.  The next PZ release is gonna be soo good. I can't wait!

------copy and paste of Batsphinx Post--------

Time for a quick status update!

While Lemmy has been working to complete the UI transformation, RobertJohnson has been jumping on all those bugs that got brushed aside so many times and made a real impact in his first month working on the team.

Now almost all the red bugs from the megabug thread are fixed, Robert is working on implementing the various commands using the new context menus.

For Lemmy, the UI overhaul is going very well, with the introduction of context menus whether equipping a primary weapon, dumping items in a container, eating some food, barricading a door, ripping bandages, even walking to a location (to make one handed playing much easier), you're never more than two clicks from interacting with anything in the game.

There's still a few more commands to add, and now most of the megabug reds are fixed, Robert is currently busy completing those while Lemmy completes building the new crafting window and various other fixes here and there to make the UI as slick and easy to use as possible.

Meanwhile Andy and Mash continue with Project Real-Estate, although it's not likely to be in RC3, what's going on in that Dropbox folder is very exciting and we can look forward to a lot more of Knox County to explore in the future! I haven't been entirely twiddling my thumbs either and have been writing a few things to feed to the RingoD scripting machine that'll remain secret for now.

And finally, just to keep everyone in the loop, these are the bug-fixes that RJ has pounced upon and fixed in his own words. On top of this there’s some neat gameplay tweaks too, but we’ll keep that secret for now too ;)

- When you eat rotten food it infect you, and you'll die zombified. Fixed (now you just have sickness)
- If you were sick while disconnecting (saving game), by loading you'll have the sickness moodle, but sickness (fake infection lvl), never goes up. Fixed
- At the saving, if you were Fake infected (sickness), at the loading you'll be really Infected (zombie infection). Fixed
- Get zombified don't show the end game screen ("You survived for..."). Fixed
- Sometimes you can play as a Zombie. Fixed (but I liked this glitch :p)
- As a zombie you can interract with item (beds, etc.). Fixed
- You can switch lights on after 30 days (when the power goes out). Fixed
- Lights still turned on after 30 days. Fixed
- Windows maxHealth does not saved properly. Fixed
- You can still choose other skills when you have selected one (and the number of skill points went negative). Fixed
- You can leave the level up screen if you still have skills points (you can store them). Fixed
- When you drink Water Pot it's replace by an Empty bottle of water. Fixed
- The right quick drag arrow in the player's inventory is on the left. Fixed
- Water recipients/pill boxes are refilled every time you load your game, as long as there was water on them when you saved. Fixed
- Thirst is not affected by gameTime speed. Fixed
- Endless acceleration if you die while holding "enter". Fixed
- Moving by using right click allow you to run very fast. Fixed
- Fast forward didn't affect thirst. Fixed
- Health regen problem. Fixed (If you eated food in fast forward, it was staying for a very long time + Health regen now take the gametime speed in calcul)
- Placing a flashlight in the crafting window crashes the game. Fixed
- Trying to craft a tasty soup (soup with 3 ingredients) crashes the game. Fixed
- You can reduce boredom by shouting ("Q" key pressed). Fixed
- Pain is never reduced (except by painkiller). Fixed (now if you're full health, Pain start reduce)
- Condition of items are not saved. Fixed
- You can run for a long time in full speed while keep "Enter" press. Fixed
- Character creation screen: sometimes, pressing backspace or delete crashes the game. Fixed
- Objects are no more outlined on mouse over when reloading. Fixed
- Landing on a solid item (like tree) when moving between cell causes 'lost in the woods' problem. Fixed

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