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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dayz (arma2mod) Hotfix Build Rolling Update

This was just released recently for the Arma2 Mod Dayz


Build Notes

Affected addons:
* dayz 1.something.somethingelse
* dayz_code
* dayz_server  (server admins only)

Developer's Note:
* To change your DayZ UI options, go to OPTIONS > GAME OPTIONS > DayZ UI. This will only affect the DayZ UI elements, unfortunately it is not saving to the config file so each time you restart ArmA2 you will need to change this setting.
* You will receive a serialization warning in game when changing the DayZ UI option, just ignore it by clicking continue it will be gone in next update.
* DayZ UI Debug option is not working properlly (no debug indicator at the moment). deal-with-it.jpg

* [NEW]  Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters
* [FIXED]  Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches)
* [NEW] Three UI options available: Default (indicators only), Debug (indicators + debug window), None (only base ArmA2 UI)
* [FIXED]  Converting between magazine types resets ammo count (Now only contains previous number of rounds)
* [FIXED] Vehicle and tents not saving (Now they save correctly) (* Missed from original build notes accidentally*)

It's really awesome that the ammo glitches have been worked on recently and people will actually have to start looking for ammo the correct way more often now instead of duplicating all of it. Vehicle and Tents not saving was really getting annoying and players were also using tents not saving as an exploit for duplicating items so its great news that is fixed as well.  This is great news for the Legit Dayz players like myself that get tired of getting killed by cheaters.  This is why I really can't wait for the stand-alone Dayz because they can only fix so much with the Arma2 Engine and a lot of things that need to be fixed will probably not be fixed until the real Dayz game is released.  Thankfully though Rocket is really trying to smooth things out even for the mod.  I think it really shows how he cares for the game and his fans when he's trying to create and run a stand-alone Dayz game and fix the Dayz arma2 mod all at the same time.  I often wonder if he ever gets to leave his computer. Lol

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