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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Zomboid Status Update

This is post two for Project Zomboid today but I felt it should be posted. This is the current status update on what they are working on.  Everything is really taking off for PZ and I can't wait to try the new update. It may take them a while but the finished result is going to be sooo worth it! I can't wait to start my Let's play for watchsurvival when this update releases.

-------Status Update Posted by Lemmy------

Just a quick update on current goings on:

  • Now we have Mr RobertJohnson on the case, things are moving a lot faster. Hurrah for him! It also affords us to bump up the schedule for the new UI which was originally probably going to be a month or two away, and now (at least the inventory stuff) is looking more like a few days to a week (**NOT LEGALLY BINDING :P**). We could possibly get a build out sooner if we didn't do that, but to be honest there are so many bugs with the existing system at the moment we would need to fix which would be largely wasted time fixing stuff that's soon to be replaced. And wasted time is the last thing we need at the moment. While I'm working on that Robert is fixing a lot of bugs and also making changes to systems to make them more interesting (you will finally be able to overdose, for example!) so big progress is happening. :)
  • Our philosophy with this build is it's gotta be close to as right as possible. No more broken builds or excuses. I'm sure there will be a couple of hotfix patches after, but after the whole 'best playing old version' philosophy of the last few patches we need to ensure that the next one is the defacto version everyone wants to play. It's heart breaking to see people going back to Q for one reason or another and we need to fix that. This is why we're mostly unapologetic in any delays this time around since another slightly broken and buggy build will not suffice and an 'It's ready when it's ready' attitude is needed to get the quality of the next build as high as possible.
  • Things are looking very good for Greenlight! Both the votes we have received and the progress on the build now I'm not a one man code army. We've never felt more upbeat about PZ or its future.
  • Stuff like graphical glitches are 100% sorted. No more flashes or graphical glitches at all, hurrah! However we'll need to do some closed testing on low spec machines to make sure this hasn't caused any performance drop before we can rest easy on that.


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