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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Zomboid new interface sample and chat with developers

Found this on youtube channel today fellow survivalists and thought I 'd post it up for all to see. This is a pretty amusing video made by Lemmy and Binky showcasing the new interface management and talking with us about a few things coming soon to project zomboid and just all around having a fun time. I'm so so excited for the new inventory I've wanted a new inventory for this game for a very long time (read since I've started playing it) and it's gonna be great to finally have an UI that works WITH the game instead of against it. I'll be seeing myself playing the new Zomboid update for many many hours. Which of course will be recorded and displayed here on watchsurvival for everyone to see. So expect watchsurvival zomboid let's play here in the near future when the update is released.  Keep up the great work Indiestone!!


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