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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Zomboid Greenlit on steam

Project Zomboid has been approved for steam! This is nothing but great news for the community and for the developers.  Current owners of the game will also be receiving a steam key for the game as well so those with steam may add it to their collections and receive updates automatically. This link here shows more info


Below is a copy and paste of the above link in case you don't feel like changing websites.

-----------Post from Lemmy-------------
Following is a road-map to Steam.

This list doesn't contain bugs for now (largely because a lot of the biggies are fixed) but we'll add those when we get a better idea of what's going on.

There is more stuff that we may do, stuff that's in progress in the background at the moment and may be in or left until after we launch on Steam, but this serves as the core minimum we need to get onto Steam and we won't commit to anything that doesn't NEED to be there at the moment. If anyone thinks something else should be on this list that we've forgotten, please let us know. :)

  • Kate and Baldspot
    • Fixed existing story up until Raider.
    • Creation of pages / triggers for new tutorial system.
    • Fixing save bugs for K&B story.
    • Story completion for K&B.
  • UI
    • New inventory system.
    • New tutorial system.
    • New tool tip system.
    • New crafting window in-line with new inventory system.
    • Right click context menu for most game functions (barricade/eat/rip bandages etc)
    • Options menu. Resolution changing etc in-game.
    • Title screen, pre-title screen logos and whatnot.
    • Reintroduce 'This is how you died' onto game load screen.
    • Fix character creation screen with new characters.
  • Reintroduce rain.
  • New fire + smoke graphics in-line with new lighting engine.
  • Make game reset to main menu properly after death.

This is assuming the majority of the UI stays how it is, and only the inventory and crafting has the overhaul. Though it's unclear whether we'll go and do the whole surfaces system at this stage or just have proper timed actions using a new UI but essentially the same.

Chances are we'll complete the UI overhaul across everything before Steam but these we consider the minimum requirements and would rather get all this completed before starting any of the others.

We'll keep this list updated as we go. Although inventory system is labelled as green it's still not quite complete, but should be in the next day or two.

There will be releases before all this list is completed, don't worry. 


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