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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dead Linger Build 007 The Prison

The Dead Linger has released a pretty awesome new update called the prison update.  Lots of good stuff in this one including......a prison!  This game is starting to slowly look better and better.  Check out all the info below.


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Patch Notes:

    World Generation Changes:
  • Prisons can now be found anywhere in the world, but never near the spawn. There are rumors of at least one prison roughly 2 kilometers to the north. Good hunting!
  • The first prison complex is named after Kickstarter backer “Elias Thompson.” Congratulations!
  • There have been well over 70 new art assets added to the world of The Dead Linger, ranging from telephone poles to brand new and much more performant houses. The entire world looks newer, fresher, more realistic, and more beautiful than ever before.
  • Farmland is laid out in a much more intelligent manner. It now has a road passing through it, along with substantial size increase to the crop fields, better visibility of crops, improved farmhouse, hay bales, and more.
  • More world loading has been shifted to take place during the loading screen, so initial framerate when joining the game should be smoother.
  • Trees should no longer appear on roads as often as they have in the past.
  • Substantial new improvements to terrain texturing and terrain variety.
  • Gameplay Changes:
  • Survivors can now see their first person hands, along with dozens of new animations for weapons, reloading, and more.
  • The framerate during gameplay has been drastically increased in almost all cases, and the world looks much better than ever before.
  • Time of day is now saved with the world file, so games will be resumed at the same time of day they left off.
  • Inventory should now save much more reliably than previous builds. Please try to avoid getting attached to world saves or items, though! We are still in Alpha after all, and sometimes data can be lost.
  • Holding Tab (default) will display the scoreboard/player list. If you are in a multiplayer game, this will show the other players in the game (up to 32 players) and display their network ping.
  • There is now a temporary compass in the top right of the HUD. It shows the cardinal direction you are facing (North, East, South, etc.) and your X Y location in the world, accurate to 100 meters. This feature will be removed once we add in maps, a compass item, and other methods of locating your friends in multiplayer.
  • Survivors now require backpacks for larger inventory space. Survivors start with “pockets,” by default. Pockets are a small 3×4 inventory space that can hold a very limited amount of items. If you have existing items in your inventory from 006, all excess items will fall onto the ground when you spawn. For those who played 006 and wish to start fresh for 007, please be sure to delete your Inventory folder in %appdata%/Sandswept Studios/The Dead Linger/.
  • There are now multiple backpacks that can be found in the world and equipped. These backpacks range from Small (10×4) to Medium (20×8).
  • Fixed a bug where knockback would not stop a zombie’s movement. All knockback from weapons will now work properly. This provides a substantial change to melee combat.
  • All objects now carry more realistic weight values. Couches and refrigerators are now very heavy, while other objects are light. They currently do not apply any physics damage if they fall on enemies or players, but that will be coming in a future update.
  • Farmington Shotgun hipfire spread has been tightened a bit, so hip-firing with this gun will yield more accurate results. (This does not affect the spread of projectiles, but where the projectiles are grouped when firing from the hip.)
  • A player’s vertical position is now saved. (If you log out on top of a water tower, you will now respawn there, instead of down below on the ground.)
  • Heavy objects can now block doors a bit more than before.
  • Survivors now have the ability to drag large objects. Dragging allows the player to slide large objects, such as couches and refrigerators, in order to block doors and rearranging rooms.
  • Objects held by the player will now collide with other objects and walls.
  • Held objects will no longer start rotating randomly when they bump other objects.
  • Held objects can now be rotated by (default key setup) holding X or Right Mouse Button and dragging the mouse in the desired direction.
  • When grasping or dragging objects, weapons are now holstered and can not be used.
  • Objects the player is grasping or dragging can be thrown. Throwing items uses stamina. Throwing currently does not deal damage, but that will be changed in a future update.
  • Objects will now be knocked around when hit with a melee weapon.
  • Cursor is hidden when grasping or dragging objects.
  • Weapons should no longer disappear when crossing kilometer block boundaries.
  • The Vegas Rifle no longer spawns in garages or homes. It can be found… elsewhere.
  • Gun and ammunition spawn rates have been decreased, but also spread around. Survivors will find ammo and weapons in more unique places, but it will be harder to find as a general rule.
  • Magazines are now refilled at twice the rate as before. The standard gun reload animation plays for this. We will add more animations in a future update to help clarify the magazine reloading process.
  • Some minor and some major improvements to shadows and lighting.
  • We’ve added a new rim lighting shader to the engine which makes many objects look excellent.
  • Various skyboxes have been added to the sky. These are mostly temporary as we design a much larger and more advance sky simulation system, but for now they will bring some flavor to the sky and change during different times of day.
  • Multiple new crossair hand icons added for dragging, opening doors, and more.
  • Multiple new third person animations have been added to the game.
  • Animation length on melee attacks now matches the action length.
  • Small fix to improve glitchiness with terrain on kilometer block boundaries. This often manifested itself in causing the player to fall through the ground for a moment. It should now happen less, if it happens at all.
  • Survivors can no longer shoot or use weapons while climbing ladders.
  • Fixed a bug where players could lose rounds of ammunition by shooting while reloading, but with no effect.
  • Fixed a large bug where scoped weapons might not be able to use their scopes, or other items may not have their proper attributes.
  • Fixed a bug where stamina did not regen while carrying objects. Stamina now regenerates at half the normal rate when carrying objects.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory items would appear over the main menu after a server disconnect, and in some other rare cases.
  • General Changes:
  • The game should crash substantially less than it has in previous builds. 007 is officially the most stable build to date
  • The game now uses camera-relative rendering, which should substantially decrease flickering of textures and objects from a distance.
  • Screenshots taken with the Print Screen key now save in a subfolder in %appdata%/Sandswept Studios/The Dead Linger/. This subfolder is called “/screenshots/”.
  • Screenshots now save with the prefix “thedeadlinger-” instead of “screenshot_”.
  • Removed multiple settings from the Ogre Engine Rendering Setup window when TDL.exe is started. This change will require you to reselect your Rendering Subsystem when you launch TDL.exe after the patch.
  • Renamed “Video Mode” to “Resolution” in the Ogre Engine Rendering Setup window when TDL.exe is started. Be sure to change the Fullscreen and Resolution settings to match your desired setup!
  • There is now a new loading symbol for when the game is initially loading during a black screen. This screen can take some time when you run TDL for the first time, so this should help players understand what’s going on better.
  • Road intersections currently have a texture bug and appear darker than the rest of the road.
  • Doors will sometimes disappear when interacted with while being blocked by large items.
  • Some first person animations do not work, or are in progress.
  • Sometimes animations will revert back to “default” poses when the animation is missing. This can cause sliding, or otherwise confusing animations.
  • Terrain texture sometimes does not seamlessly match up.
  • Trees will occasionally spawn in strange places, such as inside a house, or in the middle of the road.
  • There is sometimes slight framerate stutter as the world loads in initially, but it should generally disappear after a short period of time, leaving you with deliciously high framerates.
  • All doors are still destructible, even steel reinforced prison doors. There will be a sweeping change.
  • Swerts stores are undergoing some refurbishment, and will be returning in the next large update, bigger, prettier, and better than before!
  • When traveling far from the world origin, first person animations and other graphics can become a bit jittery. As with all known issues, this will be fixed in a later update.
Please report any and all bugs to our Bug Forum!
What’s next?
In 008, we’re going to be focusing on foliage (for real this time!), more graphical effects such as anti-aliasing, quite a few long-promised buildings, and a whole slew of activities for the player to partake in! Zag has also expressed an interest in making the woods a bit more interesting… Stay tuned for more on that.
Linger on, Survivors!

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