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Friday, February 8, 2013

Minecraft Snapshot 13w06a

Minecraft released a new snapshot recently. This one is mainly bug fixes and a lot of them at that.  The official post can be found below at the link.  Copy and paste of the bug fixes is also listed.


--copy and paste--

Snapshot Bugfixes:

The following items were corrected, test them and see!

  • Some lighting optimizations, no bug fixes yet sorry :(
  • Pigs constantly jumping, when player control them on half slabs and stairs.
  • Z-fighting of iron bars / glass panes with the block below / above
  • Leaves replace transparent blocks
  • Clouds have a transparency when you are above/in them but not when you're underneath them.
  • Baby mob collision boxes are too large.
  • Village lamp post floating torches
  • Corner Fence Has Incorrect Collision Box
  • Wither skeletons have wrong hitbox
  • Double Trapped chest, makes two sounds when opening and closing.
  • No sound from some trapped chests
  • Villager trade menu missing name
  • Placing a block East of the Hopper makes the inside appear black
  • Piston pushing piston bugs / piston duplicating piston
  • Comparators do not update their output signal
  • Team option "friendlyfire" is not saved to disk; resets upon map reload
  • Scoreboard name duplication
  • FallingSand support for block IDs > 128

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