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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crawle 0.5.6a

Survival Indie game Crawle released a new update not to long ago. It consists mainly of bug fixes but I thought I would left everyone check it out. 


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Crawle 0.5.6a has been released to address a variety of critical issues. It also brings the addition of a very requested option to disable the GUI fading.
0.5.6 --> 0.5.6a
- Added an option to turn the GUI fading on/off.
- 1 point of energy will now be taken every 20 seconds.
- Movement should now feel a lot faster.
- Added an action message for when you take bark from trees.
- Energy is now drained slightly faster.
- Energy now regenerates slightly slower.
- Increased the range on the bow.
- Fixed spears being able to be used as axes.
- Made significant optimisations to the rendering system.
- Fixed getting black screens/automation errors.
- Fixed eating giving a subscript error in multiplayer.
- Fixed sometimes not being able to open baskets.
- Fixed energy still being drained despite not being able to run.
- Fixed being able to cut down trees with bows.
- Fixed being able to duplicate animal meat/fur.
- Fixed being able to duplicate sharp bones.
- Fixed not being able to turn blind mode off during world creation.
 Major highlights
 This is more of a issue fixing patch however we've added an option to disable the GUI fading for those of you who like to constantly keep up to date with your vitals:
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