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Thursday, November 29, 2012

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hello everyone. Just writing a quick update from my phone. I wanted to let everyone know why I have not posted this week.  As I have mentioned before I am moving in real life to a new home. Well the move is finally over and I am in the process of getting my new internet connection for my new home.  This will happen next week sometime so there may be a few days here where there is a lack of posts/news.  I promise to get everything updated once my new home has internet capabilities.  Just wanted to let everyone know that way everyone did not think the blog was dead or something.  Far from it.  watchsurvival is getting more and more followers every week and im going to be doing more videos here very soon and I will also be updating the website with a new layout and smoothing a few more things out.  I also wanted to thank all of you for viewing my site and giving me a like on google and also for clicking on my ads.  This means a lot to me and just wanted to say thanks for the support.  Stayed tuned and stick around. Watchsurvival is going to keep expanding.

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