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Friday, January 25, 2013

Minecraft snapshot 13w04a released

Minecraft has released their weekly snapshot. This one includes bug fixes from the other snapshots as well as fixing some functionality of the dispensers.  The link to the official post is below or you can check out the copy and paste here.


--copy and paste--

This week's Snapshot is ready for testing!  Are you ready for the goodness?  Check it out:

Snapshot Features:

  • Added a fancy new Scoreboard system
  • Added some new functionality to dispensers
  • Taught dispensers and droppers about the 3rd dimension
  • Scared mobs away from the dangerous minecart tracks
  • Former bugs listed below, have now been fixed:
    • Achievements lost after update
    • Flowing water still drags the player while flying.
    • Piston extended and retracted at the same time
    • Chest glitch that lets them appear as if they are opened while they are not.
    • Doors texture wrong
    • Particle Effects are messed up again...
    • Breeding cows can consume more than one wheat
    • Variable redstone strength causing strange update behavior
    • Hopper doesn't accept items from second slot when container has different items in first slot
    • Redstone signals shortened by devices that output a shorter signal
    • Iron door stays powered when retrieving the redstone block
    • Changing the Texturepack ingame renders strange
    • Boats and minecarts should not be dropped in Creative
    • Using Pick Block on Minecart with TNT or Hopper gives you just a Minecart
    • Monostable Circuits only work in a North/South Configuration
    • Armor enchantments (besides Thorns) have no effect on mobs
    • If a minecart with hopper falls into the void, the game will crash
    • Hopper minecart behave like they are on powered Activator rail if they never touched one.
    • Wrong death message of renamed mobs spawned by dispensers
    • Minecart with hopper is not placed on rail

Download Links:

Client Download:  Click here

Server Download:  Click here

As always, be sure to report any and all bugs found at the official Minecraft bug tracker!

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