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Monday, January 14, 2013

Minecraft Snapshot 13w02b

Minecraft released another snapshot for us. This one is mainly bug fixes for the last snapshot they released.  So if your playing on the snapshot your definitely  going to want this one as well.  The Link to the official post can be found below or you can read the copy and paste notes.


---copy and paste---

Yesterday's Snapshot has a host of patches and fixes, so if you're helping to test out the newest Snapshots, be sure to get this latest version right away!


  • The stitcher should now make sure to create textures that have sizes in powers of two (fixes all-white textures)
  • Trapped Chests can now transmit signal downward through one block. This does not apply horizontally (through walls)
  • When powered, the hopper can't receive items
  • Fixed Trapped chests only transmit redstone signal via redstone dust
  • Fixed Crash at 13w02a Startup [Failed to start game]
  • Fixed Hopper item looks odd when dropped
  • Fixed Texture of the furnace and the dispenser in the inventory are not showing the blocks "face"
  • Fixed Biome's grass color does not get applied to the sides of the grass block in 13w02a
  • Fixed Looking at certain items crashes the game
  • Fixed the tnt minecart is missing the ssss sound once triggered
  • Fixed Minecart with TNT fails to return correct items when removed by player
  • Fixed Ghast fireball / Fireball texture
  • Fixed White textures everywhere!
  • Fixed stitched_terrain.png and stitched_items.png on desktop
  • Fixed Cauldrons have no bottom texture inside
  • Fixed TNT Minecarts cannot be dispense from a dispenser onto rails
  • Fixed TNT Minecarts Disappear on Reload
  • Fixed [Regression] Brewing Stand does not show water bottles/potions in world.
  • Fixed Dupe planks
  • Fixed Hopper still duplicating items


Client Download:  Click here

Server Download:  Click here

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