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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Torchlight 2 Comes to WatchSurvival!

Hello everyone!  I have decided to Include Torchlight 2 into the mix of games on Watchsurvival and wanted to let everyone know.  I already had Diablo 3 hardcore listed so I thought it only fair to include torchlight 2 hardcore as well because I am simply having a blast playing torchlight 2 on hardcore elite difficulty (more fun then Diablo3 hardcore I must say).  Do not tell me Torchlight 2 Hardcore Elite is not survival because let me tell you it's no easy feat to accomplish. Having Died probably 5 or 6 times on hardcore elite already I can tell a trip through this game on HCE (hardcore elite) should be considered extremely dangerous for your health. lol  The below screenshot proves my point well and should be a great start to playing this game on hardcore mode.  I simply couldn't get any closer to death then this.

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