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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Dead Linger 008 Build Released! No place is safe.

The Dead Linger has released a new update for us!  The 008 build is now live for everyone who has purchased the game.  This update was really cool and included a lot of good stuff.  Convenience stores are now included into the world generation.   Infection is now working inside the game and has to be managed and looked out for.  Zombie spawn rates have increased,  A lot of the item stats on gear is now working,  Flash Lights distance has improved.  Zombies now follow into houses and building correctly. Foliage is in around the world.  All kinds of good stuff.  Read the Blog below for more information and a video.  Patch notes also pasted below.


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Patch Notes:

    World Generation Changes:
  • The Swerts Convenience Store has returned, it’s back and better than ever!
  • Huge changes were made to loading and saving. Furniture and moved objects should now save in their proper location from now on. Your hay bale forts are now safe. (That said, we are still in Alpha and things can be unstable. We ask that no one get too attached to their worlds and inventory saves at this time.)
  • The ground in fields, farms, and forests is now filled with fantastic, fancy foliage.
  • Slightly increased the frequency of prisons.
  • We have increased the frequency of hills and mountains in the world. The world is generally less flat now.
  • Zombie Changes:
  • Massive Feature: Zombie pathing has been substantially updated in the following ways;
    • Zombies will follow you in and through buildings.
    • Zombies will properly stop to attack doors and windows, and they will break them.
    • Zombies can now climb through windows, over obstacles, and pull themselves up ledges.
  • Zombies should no longer twitch up and down when at the edge of a 1 kilometer terrain block.
  • Increased zombie density in most areas.
  • We are reworking the sound design of the zombies. There are new zombie moans, groans, screams, and general zombie noises to be heard.
  • Zombies will now hold position while attacking a door or window, and they have a new animation for this action as well.
    Gameplay Changes:
  • Massive Feature: The Infection system has been added to the game at a basic level. We will be improving this system further. Here are the basics, though we’ll leave much of it for you to discover;
    • Infection Risk now shows in your inventory as a bar, much like Hunger, Battery, and Stamina. The lower the Infection Risk bar, the lower your Infection Risk is. Keeping it low should be a high priority for survivors. There is always a very small chance to be infected, even if the bar is empty.
    • When you respawn from death, your Infection Risk is reset.
    • When you are attacked by a zombie, kill zombies in close range, or interact with infected material, you will gain Infection Risk. To avoid gaining Infection Risk, get items that reduce it, or avoid too much close contact with the undead.
    • When attacking you, zombies now have a random chance to bite you instead.
    • Every time you are bitten, you have a chance to become infected. There are a few tell-tales when this happens, if you’re paying attention.
    • If you are infected, you will soon know, and you will begin dying. There is no obligation to tell other survivors, and there is no cure.
    • When a survivor dies from infection, their corpse will return as a zombie shortly after.
  • Multiple new stat modifiers now work on equipped items. They are as follows:
    • You will move faster (walk, crouchwalk, and sprint) with items that increase Speed, (Example: Hi-Tops Shoes) and move slower with items that decrease Speed. (Example: Football Helmet)
    • You will reload faster with items that increase Reload Speed, (Example: Magazine Vest) and reload slower with items that decrease Reload Speed.
    • You will gain less Infection Risk with items that reduce Infection Risk Gain, (Example: Welding Mask) and gain more Infection Risk when wearing items that increase Infection Risk Gain.
    • You will steadily decrease your Infection Risk over time with items that steadily reduce Infection Risk. (Example: Gas Masks)
  • Huge fix to inventory: The inventory should now properly save between sessions, and backpacks should no longer be dropped or lost when reloading a scenario. (There can still be save corruption and some data can be lost during crashes, or if you ALT+F4 out of the game without allowing the game to save.)
  • Death sequences have been improved some.
  • Death messages now show on the death screen, depending on cause of death.
  • Survivors should no longer spawn high up in the air when entering a world.
  • Climbing speed on ladders has been increased by about 25%. You can also hold shift to quick-climb a ladder, but this uses stamina.
  • Stamina now recharges at half the rate while on a ladder, instead of not recharging at all.
  • When a survivor leaves a game, they are now properly removed from the player list count and scoreboard
  • Potential fix for a certain crash that sometimes can occur when eating food items.
  • The debug “d_player” now properly shows “100” as the value for maximum HP.
  • Fixed some issues where survivor’s dead body would set to their new respawn point before they were finished with the death sequence.
  • The Flashlight now projects about 10 meters further than it previously did, making it more effective outdoors.
  • Fixed a commonly reported issue (Thanks!) where survivors would sometimes get stuck and unable to move for no apparent reason.
  • Aim-Down-Sights (ADS) Sensitivity can now be changed in the Gameplay Settings menu. This allows survivors to have a separate aiming mouse sensitivity from their regular look mouse sensitivity.
  • Survivors will now experience themselves collapse onto the ground if they starve to death.
  • General Changes:
  • We have made dozens of fixes to performance and world save/load. You will find better framerate, less jittering, and less hiccups while traveling through the world.
  • Some graphical performance improvements on the backend. (Fancy complicated programmer stuff!)
  • Strange or abnormal characters in the server list will no longer crash clients. The characters will appear as a ? instead.
  • There are a couple new musical tracks in the game that will play during gameplay.
  • In the Audio Settings menu, the audio level sliders should no longer take control of the mouse cursor and should work properly now.
  • Weapons will sometimes use the wrong hand pose when swapping weapons using the new Weapon Set system. Walking or reloading will generally correct this.
  • Weapons will sometimes not drop properly, or float near the player after removing them from a weapon slot in the inventory screen. Swapping weapons again will generally fix this, but the dropped weapon may be permanently lost.
  • Multiplayer play is still somewhat unstable as we develop the game. Multiplayer play will always be receiving hotfixes and other updates as time goes on.
  • Grass foliage will sometimes appear on top of roads.
  • Eating a food item can sometimes crash the game. We are still investigating the cause.
  • Zombies can be hit while climbing through a window or over an obstacle, but it is unreliable. Survivors will sometimes have to wait for the zombies to fully finish climbing before they can be killed.
Please report any and all bugs to our Bug Forum!
What’s next?
In 009, we’re planning to add multiple new buildings, increase activities to do in the forest regions of the world, add fall damage, tidy up multiplayer play, focus on improving the visuals of the game (as well as adding more graphics options) and begin the start of barricading. There are also rumors of some new weapons on the way…
Linger on, Survivors!

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